Raleigh Photobooths

So, you pretty much have all of your vendors booked and things are looking good in terms of your wedding going off without a hitch. You are really starting to relax for the first time in the wedding planning process. But you feel something is missing. You are still looking for that one item that will create a feature activity that will create an amazing time for all of your guests. And we think that we have just the thing for you. Have you considered a photo booth for your reception? Photo booths are a growing trend for weddings and other events and they are tremendously popular. We will warn you though, there are options to consider and booths that are out there range widely in terms of quality. So, the question becomes, how do you know which photo booth professional will be the one that you want to do business with? Well, a good beginning is to start searching the Raleigh area for quality candidates. Once you have a few to consider, use this handy dandy guide to help you interview each candidate and then narrow down your choice to that perfect provider.

Your first goal, find some candidates that you will want to interview for your wedding needs. Start your search by asking your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever experienced a photo booth at any kind of event. Make sure it was a quality experience and if it was, track down the provider and jot down their name. Also, we recommend that you harness the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “photo booths in the Raleigh area.” Check out each website that results and determine which companies look reputable and professional. Also, ask your wedding vendors if they have any contacts in this arena, there is a great chance that they do.

Once you have a list of candidates to consider, it is time to conduct some interviews. You will want to ask each candidate the same questions so you can do a side by side comparison afterwards. The first thing you should ask is how many booths they have available? What are your options? There are large booth and small. We recommend looking at something larger for your wedding, a booth that holds around 8 to 10 people. With this in mind, find out if the booth you are interested in would be available for your date. How long have they been in business? Do not consider anyone who has been in business less than one year.

Are they insured? This will protect you so make sure of it. Also, make sure that you are able to check out the booth you are interested in while you are on-site. This is a must because you want to know that what will be at your wedding will be quality and not a piece of junk. Do they offer a print for your guests and a copy for your memory book? How much will the use of the booth be? Remember, you usually pay more for quality, you will need to determine hos much is too much. Will there be an attendant with the booth for your entire reception? This is highly recommended because not only can they help your guests but there will be someone there in case something goes wrong. When you have finished all of your interviews, sit down and compare each one remembering what each booth looked like as well. The only thing left to do is make your choice.